Our attraction to batik begun since we were very young, our grandmother always wore batik and kebaya everyday. She had wonderful collection of hand drawn batik, and she took a chance to share us the story behind each of batik motifs, like parang, kawung, gunungan, pesisir, tumpal and many more.

She kept reminding us that Batik is the pride of Indonesians, it proven when it was listed by UNESCO on Oct. 2, 2009 as one of the world’s cultural heritage originated from Indonesia.

Unfortunately although batik has a respectful place in the world it is largely scorned by the younger generation in Indonesia. Batik is associated with older people, formal attire for formal occasions, such as weddings, traditional and national ceremonies.

As our main mission, we want to raise awareness of the importance of intangible cultural heritage especially for young people at the local, national and hopefully international level through fashion.

Then why our brand name TJONGKLAK?

TJONGKLAK is inspired by Indonesian traditional game which is already played through generations.

TJONGKLAK board has fourteen holes in two sets of seven (some have eighteen holes in two sets of nine), plus an additional bigger store-hole for each player. Each player controls the seven holes on their side of the board, and their score is the number of seeds in their left-hand store. Cowries’ shells and tamarind seeds are the most common used. Seven seeds are placed in each hole except for the players' store. The objective of the game is to capture more seeds than one's opponent.

TJONGKLAK symbolized honesty, patience and responsibility.

Tjongklak products are specially designed with chosen material, we only use hand drawn batik (batik tulis) and stamp batik (batik cap), and we constantly look for new materials and unique designs from many parts of Indonesia. The designs itself are simple yet elegance suit for any occasion both formal and informal.

So if you looking for ways of wearing Indonesian original textile with high quality materials and affordable range of price in limited quantity, be our Tjongklak’s player.